Personal Privacy & Family Protection

When you drive down the street someone can write down your license plate number, then find out where you live, then show up at your house with flowers asking for a date. OR.... they could show up at your house with a bad attitude because they didn't like the way you drive. With a little computer research, they can find out names and addresses from public records, utility companies, homeowner records, credit reports, and hundreds of other sources. They can steal your identity, your credit, or your assets.

A Private Asset Trust Plan can eliminate most of those disclosures. You can have your bank account, your vehicles, your housing, your utility bills, and most other asset records held in the name of the trust! This is similar to assets that are owned by a business, like a company truck, or company credit card.

Your social security number, your phone number, your address, your family names should be be kept to yourself. You should make your own decisions as to whom you disclose financial transactions or records. If you get a parking ticket or camera ticket, your driving record and drivers' license should NOT be affected.

The Private Asset Trust plan allows you to have the same privacy that politicians, celebrities, and law enforcement do. Additionally, you get asset protection and safety from illegal activity of others and greedy frivolous lawsuits.

Establishing a trust for yourself, your children, or seniors also ensures that their inheritance is protected and avoids probate and court fees.

 Jay Lashlee, True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee