Health Costs, Privacy, & Private Asset Protection

Today, our legal system allows anyone to create a lawsuit against anyone for almost anything. Fair or unfair? That wouldn't be so bad if the party at fault had to pay all court costs. Unfortunately, unfair and malicious lawsuits can easily destroy good families. And all assets are automatically liened when a lawsuit is filed, even if you are totally innocent.

This can easily ruin your credit report and might even prevent you from getting enough money available to fight the lawsuit.

A Private Asset Trust plan can eliminate this problem. Moreover, the assets can be protected from unfair lawsuits, and eliminate the risk of losing everything to a judgment or legal fees. A Private Asset Trust plan can eliminate the need for bankruptcy protection and the associated costs, as well as the related problems.

Asset protection (and lawsuit protection) are key considerations in the Private Asset Trust plan. Health costs, privacy, and creating equity are also included with protection of children, seniors, and other beneficiaries.

The key to success is to do it now, before problems show up. Lawsuit and asset protection must be in place FIRST to be totally effective.

 Jay Lashlee, True Trust Book by Jay Lashlee